Stored Fireworks

During a recent fireworks season, I was helping a customer select some fireworks. When his children started to point out several of the novelties and fountains they wanted, the man told them, “We don’t need any more of those. I still have some left from last year that I stored in the basement.”

In the basement? Are they next to the furnance where they can stay dry?

To my knowledge, there is no law against storing consumer type fireworks (the ones you buy in legitimate fireworks tents) at your house if you have leftovers. If you do choose to store them at your house, please use a little common sense.

I tried to explain to the gentleman that storing fireworks in the basement was probably not a good idea.

  • Basements tend to be damp. Most fireworks will still work after they dry out but the fuses tend to be unpredictable.
  • The basement is usually where the furnance is. Admittledly the fireworks will stay dry there, but there is also a better chance of them going BOOM.
  • The basement is almost always under the house. If there is a fire in the basement and the fireworks go off, the explosion going to go up. A basement fire is bad enough without adding a fireworks explosion to it.

I was happy to see this see gentleman in my tent (with 5 fingers still on each hand) the next year.

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