Caller No Think – Caller No Listen

There seems to be something about calling a computer support desk for assistance that causes the person calling to stop thinking, stop listening, or both.

While working for a major computer company as a helpdesk tech, I picked up a call and introduced myself as always with the name of the company and my first name. I had barely finished saying my name when the caller asked, “Do you know anything about computers?”

Did they forget they had called a computer support number?tech support

Many thoughts went through my head quickly but my response was, “No, I am the janitor. I was passing by with my broom, heard the phone ringing, and decided to answer it.”

The caller’s response, “Good. When I turned on my computer this morning, the screen came up and said …”

I fixed the issue quickly, thanked the caller, and hung up.

  • Did the caller realize how foolish their opening question was?
  • Did the caller listen to my response?
  • How did the caller feel when (or if) they realized their issue was fixed by a janitor?

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