I can read your mind…

You are thinking “What is AMAMSAD?” That is a good question and I am glad you asked. AMAMSAD simply stands for About Me And My Site And Disclaimers. So why not just call it “About Me and My Site and Disclaimers”? There are actually 3 reasons why I named this page AMAMSAD:

  1. “About Me and My Site and Disclaimers” takes up too much space on the menu bar. I wanted to save space on the menu bar for more important page titles. I am not saying this page is not important, but some of the other pages have more important (and possibly more enjoyable) content.
  2. I have combined what is normally three pages into one. All three pages are essential. If you don’t understand a little about my background and my motivation behind this site, you won’t understand the things I write about. Of course, the disclaimer section is necessary to prevent an onslaught of hate comments.
  3. Finally, I named this page AMAMSAD because I CAN! It is my site and I can do what I want (within reason).

Don’t stop here! Read on… enjoy, get inspired, get informed, and leave comments.

About Me

Who I am now is in many ways a result of where I grew up, how I grew up, the people I grew up around, and many other factors.

All my life people have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer varied as I got older. At one time I wanted to be a pipe-fitter like my grandfather or a policeman like my father. After vacation, I would want to be a tour guide at a cave, a soldier, an owner of an alligator farm, or one of many other things. Some of those I have done, others I haven’t. The banner at the top of my site does not list all the jobs or hobbies I have had.

I am still asked by my wife and friends what I plan to do when I grow up. At over 55 years old now, I have decided NOT to grow up.

I was born and raised in south Louisiana where I learned the fine art of fishing (mostly for catfish or crawfish), hunting (rabbit, squirrel, quail, deer), and cooking. I also learned the common stuff like math, reading, marching in JROTC, and playing the violin.

After serving in the Army, I found myself transplanted to the midwest where seafood is difficult to find at a reasonable price. Other things are different in the midwest too but I will talk about those later.

I have a wife, kids, grandkids, car, credit card bills, and a house mortgage.

You can discover more about me, my exploits, what I believe, and how I think as posts are added to this site.

About the site

Reading, writing, and storytelling are 3 things that I really enjoy. This site allows me to take part in all three of these things.

I have had many experiences – funny, scary, happy, and sad – that I want to share. I also have opinions on current events that I need to “get out of my system” sometimes. Ocassionally I will run across a true, heart-touching story that I think needs to be spread – but not often.

Everything here will be family friendly. Comments will be welcome, but those that do not meet certain standard of decency will be promptly deleted.


Not all the stories I share will show some people and companies at their best. My goal here is not to discredit a person or company, but to entertain and hopefully teach a lesson from the mistakes of others. My motto in many of these types of articles is “BE VAGUE”. If you feel a story is about you or your company, perhaps you are just feeling guilty. Almost all names have been changed. Timeframes and locations are changed if necessary.

Bottom line: Even though the story is not fiction, I have made every attempt to hide the identity of those involved if I feel it will cause them embarassment. Those “heroes” in the stories will usually be proudly identified.

Finally, the opinions that I express here are mine. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my family, the company/companies I work for, my church, my friends, my co-workers, my denomination, my postman, my cat, or others. You are welcome to agree or disagree with me in a respectful manner.


If you decide for any reason not to leave a comment, you may contact me by email at .Please note that I reserve the right to post comments or questions sent to me through email. Because of the amount of email I receive, I cannot promise a personal response to your email.